Q. Master Samael says that, “the path is seen better by being awake”. In relation to the talk you just gave and also in relation to the esoteric path, to the initiatic path, how is this phrase really understood so that we can become conscious of it?

A. Well, that phrase is tremendous and it says so much. Because “the path is seen better by being awake” means that someone obviously could be living the processes of the path, following the path—and in fact this happens very frequently—without remembering or without completely bringing back the memories to the physical brain of the internal experiences that he has lived. This does not mean that this sister or this brother, or this student, is not living the path. It is not necessarily mandatory that you bring back the memories of all your experiences. You can be making your sacrifices, doing your work in the three factors and putting together a marvellous treasure without realising it. And someone could also be doing the opposite; wasting away the little that he has, because he is abusing the three factors, in other words, using them incorrectly.

So the phrase: “the path is seen better by being awake” means that the Master is telling us to awaken, to awaken. If you have found the Gnostic teachings please live it awake; it is a marvellous thing. It is a marvellous thing to realise what situation you are in if you find yourself in the minor mysteries; it is important to know if you are about to encounter the test of the Direne. Or if you already passed it and you were not conscious of it, you could recapitulate that entire process. If you begin to awaken, the consciousness itself can recapitulate so that you can realise where you are, at what point; because it is important that this information does not come to us indirectly.

We cannot believe, suppose, think, speculate; because the “I” can take advantage of all of that. The experience of the path needs to go to the consciousness, not to the personality, not to the intellect, not to the “I”. If I get a notion of the path based on what I believe or suspect, it is dangerous for vanity, it is dangerous for mythomania, it is dangerous for egomania, for paranoia; which are three tremendous enemies of the path.

But on the other hand, when it is lived with the conscious that’s more or less lucid (awake), you bring back the memories of your experiences. And this is formidable because you avoid the danger of mythomania, because what the consciousness shows you is not within the limits of vanity. In other words, it does not enter into pride, because what the consciousness shows you is within the most complete humility. So, the consciousness knows how to place you in the exact position of humility that you need, so you see that what you have just experienced does not directly belong to you. Because in reality, the one who is living the path is your own Being and you are just a witness of the things that your real Being, your Intimate, is living within. So he allows you to be informed about all of this and he knows that this information goes directly to your consciousness and you feel so little, so small next to Him that it does not even occur to you that you are a Master.

You realise straight away that He is the Master and you are simply his imperfect vehicle on Earth. That is what is good about experiences with the consciousness because you do not archive them in the subconscious, in the department of pride, or in the department of vanity, or in the department of religious jealousy. You do not feel self-important, you do not feel better than anybody because when your Being shows you that initiation, that process or that experience of the path it makes you see your own state and it let’s you see what He is. And you can perfectly discern.

That discernment allows you to know that you are not important, that you are nothing. And if you manage to achieve anything, it is because he is behind you, guiding you and he inspired you. And thank goodness because if you had forgotten him, you would have failed in that test. You realise that like a child, you depend on your father, or like a child you depend on your mother; and you have depended on him and the triumph is only His.

In fact, when the initiate is congratulated, when he is received in the temple, normally the initiate, the soul, the bodhisattva, the essence remains in a separate room and sees from afar everything that is being said to the Intimate, everything that is being given to the Intimate. The one who is congratulated is the Intimate, the one who is crowned is the Intimate, the one who receives all the honours is the Intimate. You are just someone who is imperfect, and happy for everything that has occurred.

So that information that comes to you is correct, and therefore the danger of mythomania does not exist. You do not translate it poorly, you do not allow the very disastrous secretary of the personality or the “I” to poorly translate, you translate it correctly, you put it in its place. As a result, “the path is seen better awake” and not asleep.

Asleep is dangerous. Master Samael says that in order to cure yourself of the danger of mythomania that you need to have a direct experience with the Being. Then the danger disappears. The Being is so marvellous, He is so special that you contrast yourself with him, and upon contrasting yourself with him you are a caricature; you are a shadow of that light. You are the ugliness of that beauty; you are the imperfection of that perfection. You are his son, and you know that, but almost with shame, you look at him.

This is what I understand about why the path is seen better awake. You avoid the danger. If you make an effort to awaken in your night-time practices, this will help you a lot to know that there is a path, and that you are not doing the path. There are 49 parts of the Being that are taking up the path and you are one small, infinite particle of everything that the Being is. In that classroom, you are the worst, or the mediocre or regular student and all your invisible brothers and sisters know mathematics, geography, chemistry, esotericism and they know how to respond to all the questions they are asked. It is the parts of the Being that lend you a hand so that you can go forward.

Rafael Vargas

Coordinator of the Gnostic Society SAW. From a talk called “Direct Gnostic Experience” given on 17th September 2011 on Koradi Radio