WHAT IS A KOAN EXERCISE? “This is something that we the Gnostics must deeply study.

KOAN is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese phrase KUNG-AN, whose original sense is: “Document of an official agreement on the desk.”  It is ostensible that ZEN Buddhists give to the KOAN a totally different meaning. It’s obvious that they designate the KOAN as a certain mystical dialogue between Teacher and disciple.

For example: Certain monk asked Teacher TUNG SHAN, Who is the Buddha? The teacher responded strangely: “Three Chin (a measurement) of linen”.

A Buddhist monk asked Teacher CIAO CHOU: “What sense has the arrival of the BODDHISATTWA from the west? The answer was: “The cypress that is in the garden.” Enigmatic answer, right? All these famous previously narrated histories are a KOAN.

It is clear and manifest that a KOAN designates a ZEN history, a ZEN problem.

  1. Who recites the name of the Buddha?
  2. If all the things are reduced to the unit. What is the unit reduced to?
  3. It is not the mind, it is not the Buddha, it is nothing.

–   Samael Aun Weor