If we carefully observe any day of our life, we’ll certainly see that we do not know how to live consciously.

Our life seems like a train in motion, moving upon the fixed tracks of the mechanical and rigid habits of a vain and superficial existence.

The most intriguing aspect of this matter is that it never occurs to us to modify habits. It seems that we never get weary of always repeating the same thing. We have become petrified by our habits. Nevertheless we think that we are free. We are dreadfully ugly; yet we think of ourselves as “Apollos.” We are mechanical people; this mechanicity is more than enough reason to deprive us of any true sensibility in regard to what we are doing in life.

Samael Aun Weor “Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology”

We live a mechanical life. We have habits that we incessantly repeat. Our habits are always the same, we don’t change them: we wake up at such and such an hour, we eat the same food, we go to bed at such and such an hour, we repeat the same things at work, we always say the same things. In other words we are totally mechanical entities, we are not conscious of ourselves.

Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? What is the purpose of our existence? Why do we exist? What do we exist for? It is painful, but the poor mechanical animal knows nothing about these things. Obviously, all this mechanicity is one hundred percent lunar.

You have already seen the force that the Moon has: she produces the high and low tides; during the crescent moon the sap in the roots rises towards the top of the tree; during the last quarter moon the sap tends to move towards the roots. The Moon, whether it is a New Moon, a Crescent Moon, a Full Moon, or in the Last Quarter, influences us in a definitive manner. If wood is cut during the Last Quarter Moon there is a certain result, if it is cut during the Crescent Moon there is a different result. Our elders planted during the Last Quarter Moon because they knew that in that way they would get better wood, better fruit, etc. In the Crescent Moon everything tends to grow, to rise, to ascend.

So, my dear brothers, lunar mechanicity is completely demonstrable; the Moon is like a weight that makes all the mechanics of Nature to move.

We carry that moon within us, we are lunar; mechanical creatures, and obviously the Moon influences our psyche in a decisive manner.

The time has arrived to start comprehending all these things…

There’s no doubt that the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, the Galaxy in which we live, are also within us (from a psychological point of view). Unquestionably, the Sun is in a higher position than the Moon in the scale of worlds; and the Galaxy in which we live indubitably is higher than the Sun, than the Moon, than the Earth. That is obvious…

But I repeat: Just as there exists a physical Universe, visible and tangible; a radiant, material Universe that everyone can see, also in that same way, it is certainly true that that there exists a psychological

Universe within us; which means that we should create within us, in a similar way, our psychological universe.

If we want to free ourselves from the mechanical influence of the Moon, we have to begin by creating in our interior a psychological moon. If we create in our interior a psychological moon we’ll free ourselves from the mechanical influence of the Moon, from this fatal mechanical influence that we carry within.

We have a mechanical centre that is under the mechanical radiation of the Moon that lives within us. There’s a need to create a conscious psychological moon; that is to say that we should create a conscious centre of gravity, instead of a mechanical centre of gravity.

If we intentionally create a psychological Moon, in fact, obviously, we create a conscious centre of gravity. This psychological moon will displace the mechanical moon that we carry within us and therefore we would stop being mechanical entities, puppets moved by others…

Going deeper in this mater, we would say that in order to create a conscious centre of gravity a third force is needed, and that third force is none other than the Esoteric Christic Gnostic Work. Through that third force we fabricate, we create the conscious centre of gravity.