Our brothers from space: they want to establish personal contact with us, but instead of receiving them with true respect and love, instead of offering them hospitality, fighter planes are sent to intercept them. Everyone wants to destroy them; really we are behaving like foreign savages to every civilization and every culture.

The time has come to change our warlike attitude and to offer to our visiting brothers from space our friendship and our care. They come to help us, not to destroy us.

The gnostic brothers must begin to set an example by establishing on the roofs of our houses, in our country, on our plot of land, friendly signals: circles with points in the center. From the center lines come out that are directed to the periphery and from the periphery small lines come in that even though they do not reach the center, it is understood that they are directed towards the center, towards the point.



Our brothers from Space

(Everything comes from Divinity and returns to Divinity)



Make the aforementioned point in the center of the circle a beautiful golden color, to symbolize Divinity.

The lines that are directed from the periphery to the center, towards the point, can be blue, in sufficient quantity and short. The lines that are directed from the center towards the circle clearly connect the point with the circumference and can also be a blue color.

This is the symbol of Divinity in the Martian religion. We can use it by putting it on our houses, on our plots of land, making it with a light source or simply painted, in order to establish friendly relations with the inhabitants from Mars and from all the inhabitants of the Cosmos.

Said symbol means that everything comes from Divinity and returns to Divinity.

Use this symbol in order to offer friendship to the inhabitants from space, even though the rogues laugh at us. All of you already know what the rogues are; they are one hundred percent skeptics, they presume to be super civilized, they believe themselves to be very wise and they use satire and refined irony against all those who do not think like them.

V.M. Samael Aun Weor