“Jesus of Nazareth, the great Kabir, the great Gnostic Initiate, one of the most exalted members of the Essenian Order, who lived among them at the shores of the Dead Sea many centuries ago, brought to us the doctrine of the Inner Christ.

Notwithstanding, the great mistake of modern people consists in believing that Christ was exclusively the great Master Jeshua Ben Pandira (this is his birth name; it is only a local name).

Understand that Christ is a cosmic force, the Second Logos, a Perfect Multiple Unity: as electricity is energy, Christ is also energy; as universal gravity is a force, Christ is also a force, a force as the force of fire, or as the force of water, or as the fore of air, etc. Christ is a force, and can express itself through any man or woman (since women have the same rights as men) who is duly prepared, and that is all.

If it is true that Christ expressed itself and continues expressing itself through the great Kabir Jesus, it is also true that Christ also expressed itself through our Lord Quetzalcoatl. Therefore, it is worthwhile to read the life, passion, death and resurrection of the blessed Quetzalcoatl.

Moreover, if it is true that Christ resplendently shone in Quetzalcoatl, it is also true that Christ shone resplendently on mount Nebo upon the face of Moses, and it is also true that Christ sang the sacred ‘Song of God’ (Bhagavad-Gita) in India when incarnated within the Avatar named Krishna.

Comprehend that the Cosmic Christ expresses itself wherever there is a human being (a Buddha) who is duly prepared.

Christ is not an individual, Christ is not a person, Christ is not an ‘I’; Christ is a cosmic force that is latent within every atom of the universe. Christ is the universal fire of life, and this is very important to understand, because Christ is Fire.”

Master Samael Aun Weor, “The Major Mysteries”