And what can we say about entropy? It is something that’s visible. If we put a pot of hot water next to another pot filled with cold water, we will see how entropy precipitates. There is an exchange of hot and cold. Finally, entropy continues and both end up being the same.

Millions of people, for example, are placed within the path of entropy. Since they do not work on themselves, each day they become more idiotic. The mind keeps atrophying; the centers of the human machine are more degenerated each time, all of the organs of their brain no longer work, and in the end the day will arrive in which the Law of Entropy will sacrifice everyone down below in Tartarus.

Have you not noticed how the Law of Entropy sacrifices people? Someone can be buried in a golden coffin and someone else in a wooden coffin, and as beautiful as the sepulcher may be, eventually they end up being the same, so identical, each one as bony as the other. Entropy sacrifices all of us, that is obvious.

Yes, these humanoids who populate the face of the Earth, these three-brained or tri-centered bipeds, will one day all be the same, degenerated and incapable, and barely able to be distinguished from each other. And if we see the Earth, they say that each day is moving slower, that is to say, that the rotation on its axis is getting slower each day. This is due to the high tides and the effects of the waters.

On the other hand, they say that the Sun is getting colder. Maybe it is so, but I say that as the Earth’s atmosphere keeps getting thinner, it keeps losing the capacity to separate and to decompose the rays of the Sun into light and heat. The Moon, at the rate we are going, will keep distancing itself as the speed of its rotation diminishes.

One day, the Earth will be another rock; entropy will have sacrificed it. Everything is functioning under the Law of Entropy. Everything finds itself like this: the oceans are already becoming like rubbish bins, fish are dying, rivers are contaminated, the atmosphere is contaminated by smog, the fruits of the Earth are adulterated.

That is obvious, it is the challenge, since as you all know, we have done away with the true fruits of the earth; now you can no longer find even an apple to eat and we have to eat “Chinese apples”, seedless oranges from California, have you ever seen anything more idiotic? That is entropy.

Know-it-alls, satisfied with their knowledge, without knowing that what they have done is to degenerate the vegetables, and send them on the path of entropy. The lands are becoming sterile, atomic explosions have done their lot. Going this way, the Earth will one day end up being sacrificed, then it will be another Moon.

Fortunately, the wisdom of the Third Logos has calculated everything really well; we already know that only through transformation is it possible to overcome entropy. Transformation, then, includes sacrifice, that is ostensible.

For example, if one sacrifices sexual desire, that force—which by means of another force —crystalizes into powers within us, it crystalizes into the superior existential bodies of the Being. If one sacrifices anger, the precious gem of meekness will appear. If one sacrifices the yearning for money, the unbearable greed, altruism will be born within. If one sacrifices envy, the energy of philanthropy will manifest, the desire to work for our fellowman, the happiness for the good of others. That is to say, there would be no transformation if there is no sacrifice.

Petroleum in a locomotive is sacrificed for the sake of energy, which in turn makes the whole train to move, that is sacrifice. If the engine of the train uses coal, like the old ones did, the fuel was sacrificed for the sake of power, for the sake of making the train move. If an inferior force is sacrificed for the sake of a superior one, there is transformation. What happens is that the outcome is so different, because we can see, for example, that fuel, like coal, is most ineffective when it is sacrificed in a train, where it becomes something different, the energy that puts the train into motion. It is completely different to the energy of coal; it is different.

In the same way also, when a man sacrifices his sexual impulses, the outcome of that energy is used in the formation of the superior existential bodies of the Being. Can you see how different, how distinct the outcome is? So then, if someone sacrifices the “I’s”, and destroys all of them, the energy that is liberated gives origin to the interior profound man. Then one escapes from the horrible Laws of Entropy. Currently the Earth is moving completely in accordance with the Law of Entropy.

If there is no sacrifice now, tomorrow it will level out, becoming one more Moon. Since the program has not finished—each planet has to give its seven races before it becomes a Moon—it is necessary, then, to make a great sacrifice; the catastrophe is needed.

And the catastrophe is needed to be able to transform; it is necessary to sacrifice these lands, everything needs to be transformed, to be sacrificed.

A transformation is needed. As a result of that transformation of energy, a new Earth will re-emerge. So the catastrophe is an indispensible necessity in order to be able to overcome the Law of Entropy. If that catastrophe were not to exist, the Law of Entropy would end up making the Earth like the Moon; over time it would be one more Moon. Thanks to the transformation that is going to be produced; that sacrifice will be a terrible catastrophe.

A Golden Age will come for the new humanity. The Earth is already agonizing. Entropy is taking it, little by little, to the end; any person can know that. Only through transformation can it manage to still not become a Moon, which emerges from the chaos. If the transformation is going to be carried out based on sacrifice, it will culminate with a great catastrophe.

Christ himself sacrificed himself in the same way in order to overcome the Law of Entropy. When the God Mithras was placed on a bull with a knife stuck in the animal’s back; from the blood that was shed from that sacred bull, plants and everything that there was sprang forth. That tells us the same thing: sacrifice is indispensible for urgent transformation in order to transcend entropy. If one does nothing, if one does not sacrifice oneself, he will be swallowed by entropy.

People do not really want to sacrifice themselves; they do not comprehend what sacrifice is, they remain without sacrificing themselves. Sooner or later the Law of Entropy will enter the Earth and their work will fail. But if one begins to work on the basis of sacrifice, he will obtain incessant transformations, and his work will grow and will be fruitful.

It is clear, they can begin by sacrificing at least their own sentiments. I assure you that people are willing to sacrifice their own pleasures, even their own vices and their money, but not their sufferings and pains; they love them too much. They will sacrifice everything, minus their sufferings, oh no they won’t.

If one begins to sacrifice his sentiments, he can make a great step and overcome the Law of Entropy. Which of you is resolved to sacrifice your own sentiments, to sacrifice them for humanity? It is good to sacrifice ourselves for that.

We must not ever think about suffering. People base their experiences on their sufferings, about what happened to them in bitter times, about what to do and about what today is thanks to having suffered so much. Nobody is willing to sacrifice their sufferings. They enjoy remembering them and they say: “I passed through this and that on the street to be what I am today: I am a doctor of such and such, I sold magazines, I slept on the sidewalk”. People love their own sufferings so much and they feel self-important remembering them.

They can sacrifice their sufferings, they can eradicate from themselves the “I’s” that produce them and their sufferings will be sacrificed. So, it is necessary to eradicate the “I” of suffering, it is necessary to disintegrate it, it is necessary to pulverize it. That energy that comes from here is transformation, since a different man is born within and he overcomes the Law of Entropy.

When the Moon was inhabited, much before this Earth that we live on existed, when it was truly alive, there was a humanity there also and today the remains of these people are in the infernal worlds of the oceans. They are all the same, you cannot distinguish one from the other, they are completely equal, even though some have been buried in golden boxes and others in wooden boxes, the Law of Entropy seized them.

No one in entropy is in charge of “regulating” to the rich and the poor of the whole world; this it is the crude reality of the facts. If one transforms oneself—one can sacrifice or sacrifice something many times—but if one does not transform oneself, the Law of Entropy will swallow him or her, that is obvious.

It is worthwhile to reflect a bit on all these things. How is the word entropy divided up etymologically? It is a Greek word that means transformation. In summary, it could be said that entropy is a law of leveling out and equalizing into inferior levels; entropy is an involutive, a descending law of an equalizing character.

It is necessary to overcome it with transformation. And we know that transformation will only be produced through the sacrifice of an inferior force, for the sake of a superior force.