The Eternal Feminine Principle

Above all it is needed to emphasize a bit about the Eternal Feminine and discourse a little about our Lord Christ. I yearn for everyone to pay attention.  Certainly God The Mother is the Foundation of this great Creation. We should identify ourselves, each time more and more, with the Eternal Feminine. We should in each woman the life representation of the eternal feminine; obviously the woman is born for a Holy Predestination, that of being a Mother. Even a little girl is the representation of the Eternal Feminine; any damsel is a potential Mother.

If we bring to mind that one who rocked us in the cradle and who nourished us with her bosom when we where kids, we find an intimately lived poem, profound, natural, of an extraordinary simplicity, of a grandeur that always goes unnoticed for all humanoids who have their conscience asleep. I want for all of you become conscious of what that lived verse is, of that ineffable melody of the Eternal Feminine Principal. The Great Mother proves to be very compassionate when, without deserving it, after we have been perverse, after we have crawled onto the dirt of the world life after life, she offers that verse to us.

We died and then we return to be rocked in a cradle undeservingly, to be loved by someone who only sees hope in us, to be guided by that one that is all Love. It seems paradoxical; it wouldn’t have an explanation if there didn’t exist the Omni-merciful and Eternal Common Cosmic Father, Aelohim, as the ancients would say.

If we retrogress in the course of the years a little more we will achieve through awakening, to remember the mother we had in the past existence. We delightfully see ourselves there again, the lullaby of that one that has its hope placed in us comes to our ears; we see ourselves taking the first steps guided by her hands. And if we continue with retrospective exercise, we remember not only the past existence but also the previous one; we would find ourselves again with one of those poems, with a lullaby amidst our childhood, with a cradle. And so continuing in a retrospective way backwards, from century to century, from age to age, we can always feel the same songs, the same lullaby, the Eternal Feminine always loving us, carrying us in its arms, nourishing us with its bosoms, pampering us.

All those mothers that we have had through the innumerable births seem like if definitively have been lost from us through time, by truly all of them are the same expression of the Great Cosmic Mother. In the eyes of our Devi Kundalini Shakti, our individual Cosmic Mother, particular, we see the gleam of all the eyes of the innumerable mothers that we had in the past. In her, our Divine Mother Kundalini, in her, our particular Isis, are represented the mothers that loved us though the innumerable centuries. That’s why we should really love our Cosmic Mother, live representation of the Eternal Feminine.

All those who have taken care of us through the course of history, all those who lulled us, All those who nourished us, deep down are One and Only. She, Isis, whose veil no mortal has lifted, Neith, the Holy God Mother of the World.

If we think about that Eternal Feminine God Mother, we have that our particular Devi Kundalini is a ray of that Holy God Mother of the World. Therefore the Eternal Feminine has taken care of us through so many centuries, has rocked us in so many cradles, she is our Divine Mother who has taken care of us. In her all the mothers of the world are personified, all the ones we’ve had through the various ages fortunately we have not lost them; they remain in our Divine Mother.

If people had an awaken consciousness, they would better value that Being who is the Mother. But people have the conscience asleep and therefore are incapable of really valuing that creature that is the Mother. It is necessary then to become more conscious each time of what the Eternal Feminine is. That is, we don’t deserve what we were given; that after we have been scoundrels, perverse, we were given a cradle and a sweet mother who lulls us in her arms. It seems like if it were not for the mercy of That that has no name it would be unexplainable. Unfortunately we grow; the Ego becomes manifested in us. In the first years it is the Essence that becomes manifested in the creature, that is why the child is so beautiful; as the child grows the personality develops, and the ego expresses itself slowly, until it finally, definitively enter into action. Then we see ourselves differently, the beautiful thoughts, those we had in the cradle are forgotten, get lost. That charm of our first steps gets relegated to oblivion, and the noble intentions we made when we were kids are downtrodden and of them not even memories remain.

The Ego gets more fortified surrounding the Essence, the personality is reinforced, arrives with precision, acquires certain modalities, prejudices, anxieties, etc., and obviously the Essence gets filed in the deepest part of the psyche, relegated to the most complete oblivion. The personality with all its prejudices, in the end the ego, manifesting through the mind, replaces that Essence where those nobles intentions, those intentions we had when we were small.

We don’t want to realize that we were children; we are forgetting that. Jesus the Great Kabir said: “Unless you become like little children you will never enter Kingdom of Heaven.” There is something that impedes us from being like children and it is this Ego that we have, bundle of memories, passions, fears, hates, rancor, lust, etc. If we want true happiness, there is no other way than to remember those good intentions we made when we were little children.

Before the Ego had the opportunity of having become manifested in us, before the personality had been formed in us, when we were just taking our first steps, also when we made healthy intentions, certain resolutions that were later forgotten. Forgotten when the personality definitely got formed. Forgotten when the Ego enter into action, then we became like someone else and felt satisfaction in becoming someone else. We blew over the simplicity of its innocence and obfuscated and deceived, and obfuscated and fascinated we have believed. This condition that we have of complicated and difficult adults is superior to the innocence we had.

My dear brothers, it is necessary to become righteous, to understand the need of returning to the original point of departure, in the infancy, in the mind, in the hearth. There is only one way, to appeal to our Divine Mother Kundalini, to know how to really love our Divine Mother Kundalini, to comprehend her.

And in which way could we get closer to our Divine Mother? First of all, dear bothers, as a point of departure, by learning to love our earthly mother, since she is the live manifestation of the Eternal Feminine. Learning to love all the mothers of the world; and as far as the males go, learning to see in each woman, the mother figure, live representation of Eternal Feminine. If we see a woman and the first thing that comes to our mind is lust, we are stepping over our Divine Mother; we are taunting That One, which is all love. There is a Spanish proverb that states: “Obras son amores y no buenas razones” (Love is expressed in actions not in words).

What good is it to love our Mother if we do not show it with deeds?  Of what good is it to say that we love the Eternal Feminine, such and such creature, if the first thing that reaches our mind are morbid or lusty thoughts?  Where is the love for the Eternal Feminine, for the Divine Mother, which is it?  Insulting in such ways? Steeping on Her?  Reflect my dear brothers, reflect, let’s make ourselves dignified, if we really want to truly march with Devi Kundalini Shakty, then our hearts inflamed by Love will get near to her and she to us.  No one could eliminate the inhumane elements that one carries within without Her help, thus She eliminates all the filthiness we carry, all those abominable aspects that in their totality constitute the Ego, the Me myself, the “I” myself.

You thought that this age was more beautiful than your childhood and you are mistaken, because until you do not reconquer the lost infancy in the mind, in the heart, you will not in any way achieve Final Liberation.  One of the tests that every apprentice has to pass in this Path is the test of Fire.  When one has passed such test obviously one has to enter the Hall of Children, which is the name of the very special temple where always one is received provided one has been triumphant.  Then the Adepts of the White Brotherhood, the members of the College of Initiates of the White Brotherhood, each one in the form of a child welcome us.  When we greet them:  “May the Peach be with you, Inverential Peace,” the answer is: “And also with your Spirit.”

Why do they have to welcome us in the form of children when we are victorious in the Test of Fire?  Its obvious, only with Fire can we reconquer Innocence.  That’s why indubitably we have to work with the Sacred Fire, with the Holy Flame of Love.  Know how to love.  In addition to the Fire we should also remember the Christ, Jesus in its cross, at his foot, the Divine Mother, she would not be missing, impossible, and on top of the cross INRI, Ignis Natura Renovatur Integram, the Fire Incessantly Renews Nature, that’s the way.  Now we need to find the Great Kabir within us.

When one reads the Epistles of Paul the Apostle, with surprise can verify for oneself that in rare occasions he mentions Jesus the Great Kabir or the historic Christ.  Paul always alludes to an Inner (Intimate) Christ.  Obviously Jesus comes from the word Jeshua, which means Savior.  It is the Savior that we look for within.  He’s always carried in the arms of His mother; he is the child Horus (Auros) among the Egyptians, in the arms of Isis.  Brothers, it is urgent to know that that Jeshua comes in the arms of our Individual Mother Kundalini.  The Cosmic Krestos in no way could express through us if he did not become Jesus.

Really, there exists the Logos, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; they form a unique all that among the Egyptians is called Osiris.  Above all, in that way it is Isis, the Divine Mother, the Wife, She and He love each other and as a result of their Love, she conceives in her immaculate and virginal womb, by the Grace of the Holy Spirit, that is, by the Grace of her Husband, the Krestos.  The Second Logos descends to her womb as the Divine Comedy states: “The son of his daughter,” the Son of the Devine Mother Kundalini.  She carries Him is Her arms; that’s why She, Isis, always carries Horus in Her arms and Mary, Jesus.  But the Devine Mother carries our own Intimate Jesus in her arms; when having loved our Mother a lot we become dignified, dignified then we are deserving of becoming His home, the home of our Lord.

It is said that He is born in a stable at midnight were the animals are, yes! The animals of desire.  That stable is our own body, there He is born, and afterwards the Jeshua must grow and develop; our individual Intimate Savior must suffer all the temptations and conquer them.  He must gather in himself all the potencies of darkness; he must conquer the tenebrous in himself.  He must live as a man among men and have flesh and bones.  He must be a man among the beings that inhabit the face of the earth and conquer as he walks.  That’s why He is our Savior.

Our psychological process becomes His process, that that He should order and transform, his preoccupations, his desires, which He should disintegrate.  That’s why he’s been called the Holy Affirm, because he is invincible, and in the end conquers, and then He is filled with glory.  That is to say the Sacred Fire, personified in Jeshua, our Jeshua, not the Jeshua manifested, but our own.  He is worthy of all praise, glory, Lordship and majesty.

He loves his Mother and his Mother loves Him.  Only through his Mother does He achieve birth in the inner stable that we carry so that He can become our Savior.  If we don’t love the Mother of Jeshua, we don’t love the Son.  How could the Son advent in us if we don’t love His Mother?  Whoever wants to love her has to show it in flesh and bones, loving the one who gave us life and seeing Her, the one who gave us life, in each woman.  Therefore brothers, it is necessary to comprehend this great mystery of Christ and the Divine Mother.  We need to become simple, tolerant and modest.  Only that way, my dear brothers, we will march the real path.

I want you to reflect in what we are saying here tonight.  I want you to return to the original point of departure, to remember the first love.  The Christification.  Whoever wants to really be saved should learn how to Love.  How could one really love Women if when we see them, erotic thoughts and lust come to mind?  That is to insult them, to offend them.

We could object saying that there exist an infinity of loose women, etc., etc.  Are we by chance judges to judge the Eternal Feminine?  With what right do we do it? Who has made us judges of the Eternal Feminine?  Or is it that we think we are Saints?  Or is it that we are already recovered our innocence?

We should not judge.  And even women should see a Mother in each woman, and the mothers themselves should love their mother, and the women themselves should adore their Divine Mother Kundalini if they want to be worthy of one day receiving the Holy Affirm.

There is a Holy prayer that says:  “Fountain of Divine rejoice, revolts and sufferings, direct your actions towards us Holy Affirm, Holy Negate, Holy Conciliate, transubstantiate in me for my Being.  Holy God, Holy Affirm, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us.”

It’s a beautiful canticle to the Three Great Primary Forces of the Universe.  Those three constitute in itself the Father, Osiris, who as he unfolds becomes Neith and from the union of Him and Her, our own particular Jeshua results, our Intimate Jesus Christ, our own and very own, that one who should enter in us, in our body to save us

Very special in this prayer is that of the “Holy God, Holy Affirm, Holy Immortal, because the Ancient of the Centuries of the Kabala is our Holy God.  Holy Affirm is Jeshua our Intimate Particular Jeshua, because by reincorporating himself in us he takes care of our psychological processes to conquer them in him.  That cannot be done by other than the Holy Affirm.

Also, results interesting that of the Holy Affirm, Holy Negate, Holy Conciliate.  Why?  The first force is the Eternal Affirmation Father; the second the Eternal Negation, of the Son; and third the Eternal Conciliation.  The Father affirms, the Son negates, what does the Son negate?  Why do we say that the Son negates? Because the Son negates, He does not want all that we want: passions, psychological defects, etc., etc.  And why do we say Holy Reconcile?  Because with this third force is that we reconcile.  With whom?  With the divinity.  I’m referring in an emphatic form to the sexual force, it is the force with which our body got formed, it is the force with which it developed in the womb of our mother, it is the force that brought us to existence.

It is said: “Transubstantiate in me, for my Being, for our Being.”  It is said that the three Primary Forces of the Universe: The very loved Father, the very adored Son and the very wise Holy Spirit, pass through the transubstantiation in us for our Being.  Do you understand my dear brothers what this means?  Transubstantiate means that one substance becomes another one.  Now you understand that the Three Primary Forces pass by the transubstantiation is us, for us.  It is something grandiose and it is obvious that we need to crystallize in us the Three Primary Forces.

Therefore my dear brothers, LET US REFLECT, MAKE AN EFFORT TO ELIMINATE THE “PSYCHOLOGICAL I,” return to the first love, try to reconquer the Innocence in your hearts, fight for that, learn to Love the Eternal Feminine and that way one day you will have the joy of incarnating the Individual Particular Jesus in yourselves.

I don’t want to underestimate the Great Kabir Jesus, who in the Holy land taught this doctrine.  If the Great Kabir is big, is because he taught us the doctrine of the Eternal Savior, our profound Inner Savior, our Jeshua.