The Gnostic Christ

Fri, Aug 19 – Sun, Aug 21

Motivation of the Retreat – CA 2016

“The celestial fire has to crystallize in us; the celestial fire is the Inner Christ, our Profound Inner Saviour. The Inner Lord has to take charge of our psyche, of the five cylinders of the organic machine, of all our mental, emotional, instinctive and sexual processes.

Certainly the Inner Christ appears internally when we work in the dissolution of the psychological “I”. It is obvious that the Inner Christ only comes in the highest moment of our intentional efforts and voluntary sufferings. The advent of the Christic Fire is the most important event of our life. Then, the Inner Christ takes charge of all our mental, emotional, motor, instinctive and sexual processes.

The Inner Christ certainly is our Profound Inner Saviour.”
Samael Aun Weor, The Christ

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