“In Nirvana, for example, one lives with an inconceivable happiness. We could say that Nirvana has seven tonic vibrations. It is interesting that in these august nirvanic regions the mind is not used. When one enters for example, to the Supreme Cathedral of the first ineffable tonic, he asks: ‘Where am I?’ He is answered: ‘You are in the first hall of Nirvana’. If he enters into the fourth tonic vibration, and he asks the same question, he is answered: ‘You are in the fourth hall of Nirvana’. And the state of happiness that exists in Nirvana has nothing to do with the mind, because the mind does not bring happiness. Here we find the Buddha’s of contemplation, they are happy, joyful. Those who, for example, unfold in superior vibratory tonics of Nirvana, use the diamond mantle that comes to their feet. To really use the diamantine mantle is certainly a high honour, rare are those who come to have such happiness.”

–  Samael Aun Weor