Pride is to isolate ourselves, just the same as arrogance, to separate ourselves from the government of the Logos. Pride is stupid because being isolated we do not have contact with anything or anyone. It is the strongest form of individuality, or better said of individualism, because individuality is sacred.

Individualism has pride as a characteristic. Pride can be an inferiority complex or a superiority complex, but pride is also a disconnection with the Intimate Christ.

Let’s remember that the foundation of integration with everything is humility; pride is the opposite, it completely breaks the harmony with the Being.

It is marvelous when we kneel because that is an act of humility. If we feel ashamed for a moment, we feel rejection to pray on our knees, let’s remember that pride does not like this; arrogance does not like this.

But it is true that mystical pride also makes us kneel in order to feel important, in order to attract attention, so that others may see us praying on our knees, in order to show false mysticism.

That is why praying on our knees should be done in a place completely alone. To enter into a church and to kneel in order to attract attention from the public is part of arrogance and pride.

When a person is praying on their knees in solitude, it moves a certain amount of very special forces, because in that moment a connection is produced with everything, with the Being.