It is necessary to love and to be loved, but unfortunately for the world people neither love or are loved. That which is called Love is something unknown to people and they very easily confuse it very with passion and fear. If people could love and be loved, wars would be impossible on the face of this Earth. Many marriages could be truly happy, but unfortunately they are not, due to old resentments accumulated in one’s memory. If husband and wife were generous they would forget the painful past and live in plenitude filled with true happiness.

The mind kills love, destroys it. Experiences, old disagreements, old jealousies… all of these accumulate in one’s memory and they destroy love. Many resentful wives could be happy if they were generous enough to forget the past and live in the present, adoring their husbands. Many husbands could be truly happy with their wives if they were generous enough to forgive old mistakes and forget quarrels and troubles accumulated in one’s memory.

It is necessary and urgent that married couples comprehend the profound significance of the present moment. Husbands and wives should always feel as if they were newlyweds, forgetting the past and living joyfully in the present. Love and resentment are incompatible atomic substances. Within love, no resentment of any kind can exist. Love is eternal forgiveness.

Love exists in those who feel true anguish for the suffer- ing of their friends and enemies. True love exists in the one who wholeheartedly works for the well being of the humble, the poor and the needy. Love exists in the one who feels sympathy in a natural and spontaneous way for the farmer who waters the fur- row by the sweat of his brow, for the villager who suffers, for the beggar who asks for change and for the humble, ill and anguished dog, dying of hunger by the roadside.

When we help someone wholeheartedly, when in a natural and spontaneous way we care for a tree and water the flowers in the garden without anyone asking us to do so, then there is real generosity, genuine sympathy and true love. Unfortunately for the world, people do not have true generosity. People are only concerned with their own selfish achievements, wishes, successes, knowledge, experiences, sufferings, pleasures, etc., etc.

There are many people in the world who possess only a false generosity. False generosity exists in the shrewd politician, in the sly electoral “fox” who squanders money with the egotistical aim of obtaining power, prestige, position, wealth, etc., etc. We must not “confuse the cat with the hare”.

True generosity is absolutely unselfish, but can easily be confused with the false, selfish generosity of political “foxes”, capitalist swindlers and satyrs who covet women, etc. We must have generous hearts. True generosity is not of the mind; authentic generosity is the perfume of the heart. If people were generous they would forget all the re- sentiments accumulated in their memories, all the painful experiences of many yesterdays and learn to live from moment to moment, always happy, always generous, full of true sincerity.

Unfortunately, the “I” is memory and it lives in the past, it always wants to return to the past. The past consumes people, destroys happiness and kills love. A mind embottled in the past can never fully comprehend the profound significance of the present moment in which we live.

Many people write to us seeking consolation, asking for a precious balm to heal their aching hearts, but few are those who concern themselves with comforting others who are afflicted. Many people write to us about the miserable state in which they live, but very rare are those who break the only loaf of bread they have to eat in order to share it with others in need.

People do not want to understand that there is a cause behind any effect, and that only by changing the cause do we modify the effect. The “I”, our beloved “I”, is energy that has lived in our ancestors and which has given rise to certain past causes, the present effects of which condition our existence. We need generosity in order to modify causes and trans- form effects.

We need generosity to wisely steer the boat of our existence. We need generosity to radically transform our own life. Real effective generosity has nothing to do with the mind. Genuine sympathy and true sincere affection can never be the product of fear. It is necessary to comprehend that fear destroys sympathy, puts an end to the generosity of the heart and annihilates within us the delicious perfume of love.

Fear is the root of all corruption, the secret origin of every war, the mortal poison that degenerates and kills. Schoolteachers and college and university professors must comprehend the need to guide their students along the path of true generosity, courage, and sincerity of heart. The stale, dull-witted people of past generations, instead of comprehending that lethal poison called fear, have cultivated it like a lethal greenhouse flower. The result of such behavior has been corruption, chaos and anarchy.

Teachers must comprehend the critical times in which we live today and the need to erect future generations on a solid foundation of Revolutionary Ethics that is in tune with the atomic era, which in these moments of pain and suffering is dawning amidst the august thunder of thought.Fundamental education is based on revolutionary psychology and revolutionary ethics that are in harmony with the new vibratory rhythm of the New Era.

The sense of cooperation must absolutely replace the horrible battle of selfish competition. It is impossible to know how to cooperate if we exclude the effective and revolutionary principle of generosity. It is urgent to integrally comprehend—not only on the intellectual level but also in the different unconscious recesses of the subconscious and unconscious mind—that which is the lack of generosity and the horror of selfishness.

Only by becoming conscious of what selfishness and a lack of generosity within us really are can the delightful aroma of true love and effective generosity—which are not of the mind—spring forth in our hearts.