“We have been able to verify that many teachers of world history in the occidental world often ridicule Buddha, Confucius, Mohammed, Hermes, Quetzalcoatl, Moses, Krishna, etc. Beyond all doubt we have also been able to confirm time and again the sarcasm, mockery and deri- sion cast by teachers at the ancient religions, the gods, Mythology, etc. All of this is due precisely to a lack of intelligence. In schools, colleges, and universities, religious subjects must be treated with more respect, with a profound sense of reverence, with true creative intelligence.

Religious forms preserve eternal values, and are organized according to the psychological and historical necessities of each nation, each race. All religions have the same principles, the same eternal values, and only differ in form.

It is not intelligent for a Christian to ridicule the religion of the Buddha, the Hebraic Religion, the Hindu Religion, because all religions rest on the same foundations. The satire of many intellectuals cast against religions and their founders is caused by the Marxist poison that in these times is intoxicating every weak mind. Schoolteachers and college and university professors must orient their pupils on the path of true respect for their fellow man.

It is obvious that the boor, who in the name of any kind of theory ridicules temples, religions, sects, schools or spiritual societies, is perverse and despicable. Upon leaving the classroom, students have to deal with people of all religions, schools and sects, and not knowing how to maintain proper composure in any temple is not intelligent. Upon leaving the classroom after ten or fifteen years of study, young people find themselves as dense and asleep as the rest of humans, as empty and lacking in intelligence as the first day they entered school.

It is imperative for students to develop, amongst other things, the emotional center, because intellect is not everything. It is necessary to learn to feel the intimate harmonies of life, the beauty of a lone tree, the singing of a bird in the forest, the symphony of music and the colors of a beautiful sunset.

It is also necessary to feel and profoundly comprehend all the horrible contrasts of life, such as the cruel and merci- less social order of these times in which we live, the streets filled with miserable mothers, whom with their malnour- ished and starving children beg for a piece of bread, the nauseating buildings where thousands of poor families live, the repugnant roads with thousands of cars circulat- ing propelled by fuel that harms all living organisms.

The student leaving the classroom must face not only his own selfishness and problems, but also the selfishness of all people and the many problems of human society. Gravest of all is that the student finishing school, though he has had intellectual preparation, does not have intelligence; his consciousness is asleep. He has insufficient preparation for life’s struggles.The time has come to investigate and discover that which is called intelligence. Dictionaries and encyclopedias prove to be powerless in seriously and completely defining intelligence. Without intelligence there can never be radical transformation or true Happiness, and in life it is very rare to find truly intelligent people.

What is important in life is to not only to know the word intelligence, but to experience in ourselves its profound meaning.

Many people presume to be intelligent. There isn’t a drunkard who does not consider himself intelligent. Karl Marx, also believing himself to be intelligent, wrote his materialist farce that has cost the world the loss of eternal values, and has led to the shooting of thousands of priests from different religions, the raping of Christian and Bud- dhist nuns, etc., the destruction of many temples, the tor- ture of thousands and millions of people, etc., etc., etc.

Anyone can think one is intelligent; the difficult thing is to actually be intelligent. Intelligence is not obtained by acquiring more bookish information, more knowledge, more experiences, more things with which to dazzle people, more money to buy judges and policemen, etc.

It is not with that “more” that one is able to have intel- ligence. Those who assume that intelligence can be gained with the process of “more” are plainly mistaken. It is urgent to thoroughly comprehend in all areas of the subconscious and unconscious mind that which is the harmful process of more, because deep down is hiding very secretly the beloved ego, the desiring self that always wants more and more in order to engorge and strengthen itself.

This Mephistopheles we carry within, this Satan, this ego says, “I have more money, I am more beautiful, I am more intelligent than him or her, I am more prestigious, more astute”, etc.

He who wants to truly comprehend what intelligence is must learn to feel it, live and experience it through pro- found meditation. All the things people accumulate in the rotten grave of the unfaithful memory—intellectual information, life experiences are unfortunately always expressed in terms of more and more; to the effect that one never realizes the deep meaning of anything one has stored in one’s memory.

Many people read a book and then store the information in their memories, satisfied about having gathered more information. Yet when these people are asked to explain the written doctrine from the book they read, it so hap- pens that they do not know the profound meaning of the teaching. However, the ego wants more and more infor- mation, more and more books, even when it has not lived the doctrine from any one of them.

Intelligence is not obtained with more bookish informa- tion, or with more experience, or with more money, or with more prestige. Intelligence can blossom in us when we comprehend the entire process of the ego, when we understand in depth all the psychological automatism of “more”.

It is essential to comprehend that the mind is the basic center of “more”. In fact, this “more” is the demanding psychological ego itself, and the mind is its fundamental core. Whoever wants to be truly intelligent must strive to die internally, not only on the surface, intellectual level, but also in all the subconscious and unconscious terrain of the mind. When the ego dies, when the ego is totally dissolved, the only thing left in us is the Real Being, the True Being, the so-desired and exacting intelligence.

People think that the mind is creative, but they are mis- taken. The ego is not creative, and the mind is the root core of the ego. Intelligence is creative, because it comes from the Being. Intelligence is an attribute of the Being.

We must not confuse the mind with intelligence. Radically and plainly mistaken are those who suppose intelligence is something that can be cultivated like a green- house flower, or something that can be bought, like titles of nobility, or something that is obtained through possessing an excellent library. It is necessary to profoundly comprehend all the processes of the mind; all its reactions, that accumulating psychological “more”, etc. It is only in this manner that the

ardent flame of intelligence will arise in us in a natural and spontaneous way. As the Mephistopheles we carry within continues to dis- solve, the fire of creative intelligence continues to mani- fest gradually in us, till it blazingly shines.

Our true Being is love, and from such love is born the real and genuine intelligence that is timeless. ”

Samael Aun Weor