The Revolutionary Psychology of the new era affirms that the organic machine of the intellectual animal mistakenly called man exists in a three-centred or three-brained form.

The first brain is enclosed in the cranial cavity. The second brain corresponds precisely to the spinal cord with its central medulla and all its nerve branches. The third brain is not located in any particular place in the body or any specific organ. Actually, the third brain is constituted by the sympathetic nerve plexuses and in general by all the specific nerve centres of the human organism.

The first brain is the thinking centre. The second brain is the centre of movement, commonly called the motor centre. The third brain is the emotional centre.

In practice it is clearly demonstrated that all abuse of the thinking brain produces excessive waste of intellectual energy. It is logical, then, to affirm, without fear of being mistaken, that insane asylums are true cemeteries for people who are intellectually dead.

Sports that are harmonious and balanced are useful for the motor brain, but abuse of sports signifies excessive waste of motor energies and the result is often disastrous. It is not absurd to affirm that there are people who are dead in the motor centre. Such dead persons are known as hemiplegics, paraplegics, progressive paralytics, etc.

The sense of aesthetics, mysticism, ecstasy, superior music, is necessary in order to cultivate the emotional centre, but the abuse of this brain produces a useless waste and squandering of emotional energies. The emotional brain is abused by the existentialists of the “new wave”, the rock music fans, the sensual pseudo-artists of modern art, and the morbid, passionate persons of sensuality, etc., etc.

Even though it seems incredible, in each person death truly operates in thirds. It has been verified till satiation that every illness has its cause in one of the three brains.

The great law has wisely deposited in each of the three brains of the intellectual animal a set capital of vital values. To spare this capital means, in fact, to prolong life; to squander this capital causes death.

The ancient traditions that have come to us from the terrifying night of the centuries affirm that the average human lifespan on the ancient continent of Mu, located in the Pacific Ocean, ranged between twelve and fifteen centuries. Over the centuries, with the passage of time, the mistaken use of the three brains shortened the lifespan little by little.

In the sunny land of Kem… there, in the ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs, the average human life reached only one hundred and forty years.

Presently, in these modern times of gasoline and celluloid, in this age of existentialism and rock music rebels, the average human lifespan, according to some insurance companies, is barely fifty years.

The Marxist-Leninist gentlemen of the Soviet Union, braggarts and liars as always, are over there going around saying that they have invented very special serums that prolong life, but old man Khrushchev is not even eighty years old yet and he has to ask the permission of one foot in order to lift the other.

In the heart of Asia there exists a religious community made up of elders who do not even remember their youth. The average lifespan of these elders ranges between four hundred and five hundred years.

The entire secret of the long life of these Asiatic monks consists in the wise use of the three brains.

The balanced and harmonious functioning of the three brains signifies the sparing of vital values and, as a logical consequence, prolongation of life.

There is a cosmic law known as the “equalization-of-the-vibrations-from-many-sources”. The monks from this monastery know how to utilize this law through the use of the three brains.

Extemporaneous pedagogy leads students to the abuse of the thinking brain, the results of which psychiatry is already aware.

Fundamental Education is the intelligent cultivation of the three brains. In the ancient mystery schools of Babylon, Greece, India, Persia, Egypt, etc., students received direct, integral information about their three brains by means of the intelligent combination of precept, dance, music, etc.

The theatres of ancient times formed part of the school. Drama, comedy, tragedy, combined with special mime, music, oral teaching, etc., served to educate the three brains of each individual.

At that time students did not abuse the thinking brain and they knew how to use their three brains intelligently and in a balanced way.

The dances of the Mysteries of Eleusis in Greece, the theatre of Babylon, Greek sculpture; these were always used to transmit knowledge to disciples.

Nowadays, in these degenerated times of rock music, the confused and disoriented students walk down the dark path of mental abuse.

At present, true creative systems for the harmonious cultivation of the three brains do not exist. Teachers of schools, colleges and universities speak only to the unfaithful memory of the bored students that anxiously wait for the time when they can leave the classroom. It is urgent and indispensable to know how to combine intellect, movement and emotion with the purpose of delivering complete information to the three brains of students.

It is absurd to instruct one brain only. The first brain is not the only one of cognition. It is criminal to abuse the thinking brains of students.

Fundamental Education must guide students along the path of harmonious development.

Revolutionary Psychology teaches clearly that the three brains have three totally different, independent classes of associations or connections. These three types of associations or connections call forth different kinds of impulses from the being.

This yields, in fact, three different personalities that do not possess anything in common, either in their nature or in their manifestations.

The Revolutionary Psychology of the new era teaches that in each person there are three distinct psychological aspects. With one part of the psychic essence we desire one thing, with another part we desire something totally different, and owing to the third part we do something totally contrary.

S.A.W. The Three Brains and How to Solve Problems

At a time of great suffering, perhaps the loss of a loved one, or with any other intimate disaster, the emotional personality arrives at despair while the intellectual personality questions the reason for the whole tragedy, and the personality of movement wants only to flee the scene.

These three distinct, different and many times even contradictory personalities ought to be intelligently cultivated and instructed with methods and special systems in all schools, colleges and universities.

From the psychological point of view, it is absurd to exclusively educate the intellectual personality. Man has three personalities that urgently need Fundamental Education.

How to Solve Problems?

It is necessary to learn to not create problems in life; it is preferable, rather, to go out into the countryside, to live a life that is in harmony with the infinite.

Problems are nothing more than mental forms, forms created by the mind. What is a problem? It is a mental form with two poles: one positive and the other negative. These forms are sustained by the mind and stop existing when the mind stops sustaining them.

What is it that we must do? Resolve problems? No, that is not what we need! Then what? What is needed is to dissolve them. How can they be dissolved? Simply, by forgetting them… When one has a preoccupation, go out for a bit into the countryside and try to enter into harmony with things, with everything that one is, with everything that has been, and with everything that will be. To forget problems is basic. You will tell me that “it is impossible to forget problems,” but yes it is possible. When one wants to forget them, the only thing one has to do is put to work any of the other centres of the organic machine.

Remember that the human organism has five very important cylinders:

  1. The Intellectual Centre (located in the brain).
  2. The Emotional Centre (which is naturally located in the solar plexus and in the sympathetic nervous centres).
  3. The Motor Centre or movement centre (found in the upper part of the dorsal spine).
  4. The Instinctive Centre (located in the lower part of the dorsal spine).
  5. The Sexual Centre (obviously, found in the sexual organs).

These five centres are basic and indispensable, and it is necessary to learn to manage them.

Let’s synthesize a bit: let’s think solely about the intellectual centre, or in other words, the merely intellectual man; let’s think about the emotional man and let’s also think about the motor-instinctive- sexual man. Thus, by synthesizing, I believe that we are going to understand, right?

Now, in respect to the intellectual man, he is the one who creates problems of all kinds. If you have problems, I already said that they are resolved by forgetting them, that which is important is to not resolve them once and for all, but rather to dissolve them, and in order to do that it is necessary to forget them.

Therefore, how does one do it? Put the emotional centre to work. That is interesting, because then the intellectual centre rests and in this way we forget the problem. And if we want to work with any other centre, we could put into action the motor-instinctive centre, but then this would be something different. Here, in the forest for example, we have put the emotional and motor-instinctive centres to work. We have put the emotional centre to work through the exchange of impressions of festivities; and we have put to work the motor-instinctive by riding horses, back and forth throughout this park which is so beautiful… Well then, I am giving you a key in order to dissolve problems, and this is very important, isn’t it?

If we were to say that in this way one cannot resolve for example, the payment of a bill, to prevent us from being “chased” out of the house for not paying the rent or paying a debt, etc., I will tell you that the facts are the facts and they stand on their own; but the problem is something different. The problem is something that the mind creates; when one wants to dissolve it, the problem stops existing for the person. People are afraid to resolve a problem, they are afraid to forget it, and that is very serious. They think for example, “If I do not pay the rent, they will kick me out, I have to leave and where will I go? (Here comes the fear). First of all, one has to learn to not be afraid; that is the most important: to not be afraid. When the fear ends, life holds for us many pleasant surprises. Sometimes what seems impossible to solve becomes solvable; what seems like a very difficult problem becomes easier than drinking a glass of water.

So, preoccupation turns out to be excessive, right? Preoccupation harms the mind; preoccupation makes the mind to become bottled in the problem. It is clear that the problem (with its two poles, positive and negative), which is nothing other than a mental form, creates a conflict within and then comes preoccupation, which harms the mind and also harms the brain. To learn to live from instant to instant, from moment to moment, is what I recommend to you; to learn to live without preoccupations of any kind, without forming problems. When one learns to live from second to second, from instant to instant, without projecting oneself to the future and without the painful weight of the past, he sees life from another angle, he sees it in a different way, he sees it very differently. Practice it, take my advice …

It occurred to me to talk to you about this, here in this forest, due to the fact that I see many happy people; some going and others coming, riding horses under these groves. Poor people come to flee from the problems that they themselves have truly created. But, as much as they flee, if they do not forget them, the problems will continue existing.

So then, that is the advice that I give you; never feel fear for anything. Now, with this, I do not mean to say that you are not to do anything, that you should not work, that there is no need to acquire money in order to subsist or to pay the debts, etc. It is necessary to do all of this, but without creating problems in the mind. Learn to manage the three brains (the intellectual, the emotional, the motor) and you will see how things change.

If there is an emotional preoccupation, change centres, put the motor-instinctive centre to work, go out for a walk, ride a horse, walk no matter how far it may be, but do something different and you will see

that you have not be drained your vitality, the physical body will marvellously be rejuvenated, etc. That, then, is the advice I give you…

In Tibet, or better said in Asia, there is a very interesting Buddhist monastery. The monks there live 400 or 500 years because they know how to manage the intellectual brain, the emotional brain, and the motor brain. When the intellectual brain tires, they use the emotional brain; when the emotional tires, they use the motor brain, and in that way they keep the energy, they do not waste their vital “values”.

There are those who believe that when one comes to the world it is because they were supposed to be born on that date and specific hour (well, about that I have nothing to discuss), but in addition they think that one is to die on a specific date and at a specific age and yes that is something arguable. What happens is that the Lords of Karma give a specific capital of vital “values” which are deposited in the intellectual, emotional, and motor brains. If one wastes any of them, he dies very rapidly, but if one conserves their “values,” he can live up to 90 or 100 years of age and even more. So, what one has to do is to learn to manage the three brains. Understood?

Comprehend why I speak to you about the intellectual man, the emotional man, and the motor- instinctive man. Learn, then, to manage the three brains with perfect balance and you will see that you can conserve your vital “values” and live a long life. This is similar to the man who goes travelling with a specific amount of money. If he wastes the money he will not reach the end of the journey, but if he conserves it, he will not only reach he end, but will also have resources to pay for a magnificent hotel and to return home peacefully.

One always dies by parts. Notice, that F.D. Roosevelt, for example, began to die when he contracted paralysis, that’s to say, the paralysis of his motor brain was the beginning that produced in the long run his death. And about others, there are those who, who die because of the intellectual brain; they abuse the intellect so much, they have so many preoccupations, that they waste the “values” that are in that brain, and that’s where it begins, until they finally die. There are also others, like movie actors, who abuse the emotional brain. That’s where it begins, until in the end their heart is affected and they die.

This is the way the humanity is. Do not follow that path. Learn to manage the three brains with perfect equilibrium; do not squander the vital “values” and you will reach old age.