“We do not want idolaters, nor are we interested in followers. We are merely attempting to indicate the path; our work is not about proselytizing. We are simply indicating through logical thoughts and exact concepts the path to follow, so that each individual can arrive at the experience of his or her Internal Master, The Real Interior Being who lives within the silence of each one of you”.

“We wish to inform you that knowledge belongs to the Being and that virtues and gifts are not a matter of contrived postures, they are terrible realities that convert us into powerful oaks against whom the winds of thought blow and the threats of the tenebrous and insults of villains crash.”

“This knowledge is for the rebels of the schools, for the ones that cannot stand authority figures and who are unsatisfied with having to accept beliefs, for the ones that still have courage and still have in their hearts a spark of love.”

“We are not interested in anyone’s money nor are we excited about quotas, or the brick class rooms, because we are attendants of the Cathedral of the Soul”.

“We are not looking for followers; we only want for each person to follows his or her inner self, his or her own INTERNAL MASTER, his or her REAL BEING, because he is the only one who can save us and redeem us”.

“We don’t want any more lies; now we can live realities. Now we want to prepare ourselves to see, listen and touch the greatest mysteries of Life and Death. Now we should want to take the sword of willingness and break all the chains of the world and throw ourselves in an extreme way towards the battle for liberation because we know that salvation is inside of us….”

Master Samael Aun Weor