Change your thoughts, change your world.

If in fact and in a very sincere form we want to establish the basis for correct meditation, it is necessary to comprehend ourselves in all the levels of the mind. To establish the correct basis of meditation is in fact to be free from ambition, selfishness, fear, hatred, greed of psychic powers, the yearning of results, etc. It is clear that after establishing the cornerstone of  meditation, the mind remains still and in profound and imposing silence. From the rigorously logical point of view, it’s absurd to want to experience the Real without knowing ourselves. It is urgent to comprehend in an integral form and in all the levels of the mind each problem as it is arising in the mind, each desire, each memory, each psychological defect, etc. Anyway you look at it is clear that during the practice of  meditation, through the screen of the mind pass in sinister procession all the psychological defects that characterize us, all our joys and sadness, innumerable memories, multiple impulses that come now from the exterior world, now from the inner world, desires of all type, passions of all kind, old resentments, hatreds, etc. If the yogi perseveres in his internal meditation, if he is constant, tenacious, infinitely patient, after a certain time, the first clairvoyant perceptions appear.

In the beginning, they are only luminous points, soon faces appear, images of nature, objects like in dreams, in those moments of transition that exists between the vigil and dream state. The first clairvoyant perceptions fill the disciple with enthusiasm. These internal perceptions are demonstrating to him that his internal powers are entering into activity. It’s urgent that the student does not get tired. A lot of patience is needed. The development of the inner powers is very difficult. Really, many are the students who begin, but very few are those who have the patience of Saint Job. The impatient do not manage to take a single step in the path of accomplishment. These types of esoteric practices are for the very tenacious and patient people.

“Before starting our practice of concentration, we must sit comfortably; we can also perform our practice lying down in bed. All types of earthly thoughts must withdraw from our mind; thoughts must fall dead at the doors of the temple. Before concentration, we must also empty our mind, to not think of anything. When these prerequisites have been fulfilled, we then start our practice of internal concentration.

Thus, we separate our mind from the things of the physical world, and we inwardly direct it towards our Innermost. “Know ye not that your bodies are the temple of the living God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?”

[1 Corinthians 3:16] The Spirit of God within us is the Innermost. We must love the Innermost. We must adore the Innermost. We must render cult to the Innermost. We must profoundly meditate on the Innermost.

Then, while immersed in profound meditation, we must provoke drowsiness: this profound drowsiness will lead us to the state of Samadhi. Thus, we will leave the physical body without knowing how or at what time. This is how we will enter into the internal worlds. Dreams are legitimate internal experiences.”

– Master Samael Aun Weor