“Amidst the incessant hissing of the all-present, all-penetrating and all-merciful cosmic fohat, frightful carnal temptations also arise, indescribable and inexorable, the way they did for the great Gnostic Patriarch Saint Augustine, who had visions of a lovely naked woman on the cross.

It’s written in the book of splendors with letters of ardent fire, “For the wise, the real knowledge of, and wise identification with, all the infinite possibilities of sex, need not mean a fall into the world of instincts and illusions, but rather such familiarity and deep knowledge has to lead us to inner self- realization.

The initiate who intelligently searches in sexuality for the extraordinary power of the eternal and creative principle, and passes from the dominance of passivity to the dominance of activity, to a well-understood activity that dominates the sexual energies…

Obviously this knower finds himself in a position to awaken the consciousness by means of the death of the animal ego.

In the field of practical life we have been able to fully and completely verify that those who avoid the sexual question in order to live the higher life of the heart, qualifying as taboo everything that may have the flavour of eroticism, sooner or later suddenly and unexpectedly come to experience tedium and disappointment.”