Long Beach Gnosis Center

Longbeach Gnosis Center has become a beacon of light for those yearning for the direct path towards the awakening of the Consciousness. Offering ongoing classes dedicated to learning about & living Gnosis.

The word Gnosis is derived from the Greek language and means “knowledge of an intuitive nature; the intuitive apprehension of spiritual truths.” Gnosis is a knowledge that cannot be arrived at through books or lectures, but rather through one’s own direct experience. This knowledge or wisdom, therefore, is not found outside of us, but within ourselves.




About The Gnostic Bible:
The Pistis Sophia Unveiled

The Pistis Sophia contains all the words of the adorable Savior of the world. It was written by the Apostles. Thus, all the esoteric Christic instructions that Jesus Christ gave to his disciples on the Mount of Olives and other holy places is written within this book. This book had been conserved in secret for many centuries.


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The Philosophy of the Void

The one who truly wants to establish the fundamental cornerstone of meditation in his mind must pay full attention to the positive and negative values of our understanding and completely comprehend them, not only in the merely intellectual level but also in all the subconscious, infra-conscious and unconscious regions of the mind. We must never forget that the mind has many levels.


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Our curriculum is a weekly course of 33 lessons which spans the course of about a year, serving as a foundation for the further development of the study of esotericism and the science and ethics of meditation in a more in-depth manner.